The intention behind Tech Troupe is to be a collective of artists that use technology to create. Currently the idea is for all works to be distributed freely, with patrons sending what they feel is fair compensation in the form of donations when they can.

At the moment this band of artists consists of only myself, Jack Lucy. I have a job at a software company and can only work on my own projects after hours. My hope is that this work can become my main source of income.

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  1. Hi Jack….
    Loved your 2002 Time Machine Blender model. I’m attempting to build a physical model of the machine, but need a 3D model for reference. I’ve looked at the 3DS model from TurboSquid/VRay but your model is much more detailed. Is your model available in native .blend format?

    • Jack says:

      Hello Donald,

      It’s not something I would release, as I am not satisfied with its authenticity. For instance, if you compare the chair detail to reference, it is like something out of a parallel universe.

      There are far too many of my sins being mostly obscured by a flattering camera angle.

      • Donald Musick says:

        Thanks for the quick response Jack!
        I understand, flattering camera angles can be life-savers!
        What did you use as a reference(s) to build your model?

        • Jack says:

          I used a lot of screenshots from the film. There is a sort of blueprint online for a 3D model, but it takes a few liberties as well.

          For what you’re undertaking it might be worth getting into contact with the prop people from the film.

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