The intention behind Tech Troupe is to be a collective of artists that use technology to create. Currently the idea is for all works to be distributed freely.

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  1. Hi Jack….
    Loved your 2002 Time Machine Blender model. I’m attempting to build a physical model of the machine, but need a 3D model for reference. I’ve looked at the 3DS model from TurboSquid/VRay but your model is much more detailed. Is your model available in native .blend format?

    • Jack says:

      Hello Donald,

      It’s not something I would release, as I am not satisfied with its authenticity. For instance, if you compare the chair detail to reference, it is like something out of a parallel universe.

      There are far too many of my sins being mostly obscured by a flattering camera angle.

      • Donald Musick says:

        Thanks for the quick response Jack!
        I understand, flattering camera angles can be life-savers!
        What did you use as a reference(s) to build your model?

        • Jack says:

          I used a lot of screenshots from the film. There is a sort of blueprint online for a 3D model, but it takes a few liberties as well.

          For what you’re undertaking it might be worth getting into contact with the prop people from the film.

  2. Nadir (aka Indra Anagram) says:

    Dear Jack, I tried to PM you on AGS forums, but the site says you cannot be messaged there anymore. I’m looking into making an adventure with some fighting mechanic. Could you please share the source files of your MAGS game Fists of Murder? That would help the progress greatly. Sure, I’ll credit you in the game.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Jack says:


      I don’t share my source. It would be dangerous in the hands of the public.

      • Nadir (aka Indra Anagram) says:

        Hi Jack, Thanks for your reply! I promise not to make it public. What is the direction to coding this mechanic in AGS game? Please email me.

        • Jack says:

          Making an action game in AGS is not much different from making it in another 2D engine. You have to manually control the characters, and check for keystrokes to make them respond appropriately.

          Like in this case there is a command in AGS to change the place the character is walking to. I don’t remember the name but you can keep updating this, for example, while a certain movement key is pressed to make the character keep walking.

          • Nadir (aka Indra Anagram) says:

            Thank you for guidance, Jack! I’ll try to sort it out, although it won’t be an easy task. I really like the way FoM looks and playing it is a lot of fun. Wish it could be longer, but it is great you went over the software limits to make it.

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