Tales from the Eureka Cluster : The Abtyon Case

Here recorded is the tale relating how the crew of the Freelance Scavenger Vessel “Thrift” was heroically and competently saved by Jeff Tobel, a man considered barely competent to serve as her inventory officer.

Windows .zip (21.5 MB)
Tales from the Eureka Cluster : The Abtyon Case is a point-and-click adventure game made in AGS. While conducting archaeological recovery in an unknown star system of the Eureka Cluster, the crew of the FSV Thrift is abducted by some form of purple energy alien.

Debian .tar.xz (18.7 MB)
Only one man, Jeff Tobel, is left behind, and must find a way to save his crew-mates after being stuck aboard a disabled ship which he doesn’t even have full clearance to use.

WARNING: This game contains adult themes. Players must be 18 years or older.

Released: 4 August 2015



v 1.1.2 – 23 August 2015:

Fixed screen width issue in linux version

Modified walkable area in cargo bay to accommodate object

v 1.1.1 – 8 August 2015:

Fixed player character positioning issue when talking to character

Fixed door opening and viewport issue

v 1.1 – 8 August 2015:

Interface enhancements: Use inventory items on Jeff to interact, more random interactions

Fixed issue with a specific inventory interaction (thanks john_minetest)

Fixed issue when looking at bucket on planet surface (thanks gspit1124)

v 1.0.1 – 4 August 2015:

Fixed issue with delayed activation of ship’s AI

Fixed issue with character animation in dialog


Written and directed by
Jack Lucy

Backgrounds, characters, objects, animation, programming, testing, music and sound effects by
Jack Lucy


AGS page

Game Jolt page

Itch.io page

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