Fists of Murder [MAGS]

Windows .zip (32.7 MB)
A fighting/adventure game hybrid made in one month for the Monthly AGS game jam, August 2018. Homeless man Joe witnesses a murder and must work with a friend to undo the cover-up and get the truth out.

MAGS Theme: Cover-up.

Linux .tar.xz (28.2 MB)


Movement: A and D
Change mode: Mouse wheel scroll
Punch/Action: Left mouse click
Block/Examine: Right mouse click

Released: 2 September 2018


Programming & Art
Jack Lucy


AGS page

2 Comments on "Fists of Murder [MAGS]"

  1. Nadir (aka Indra Anagram) says:

    Hi Jack. I played Fists of Murder because an AGSer pointed at it as a game that contains a non-adventure mechanic, which is exactly what I am interested in. The game, although short, is fantastic. IMHO it is shame it wasn’t awarded. I sent you a message and request about FoM in About section of this site a couple of days ago (2 messages in fact – sorry for that, it seemed the first time the site didn’t like my email, but then I saw the comment had been published anyway :))

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