Bugfixes to YTDLF

I have fixed two stupid bugs in the youtube-dl front-end.

Get it while it’s good. The forces of darkness have nothing better to do than fuck with creation.

Here’s the attached music.

This is the Model 2

It is an 8 channel number processor capable of calculating Pi to 7 digits in under 3 hours.

With its assistance I have also updated ytdlf to v0.7.1, adding small fixes. One of them is better support for merged files, like video files on reddit where it is better to use the merged format of bestvideo+bestaudio. You can try this on the following textual string called, which was submitted by B. R. Ewton, author of Ten Gallons of Trouble.

I have also provided a new streaming link to this post (very important).

ytdlf now version 0.7

I have made some changes to youtube-dl front-end, bringing it closer to the first major release.

There is a short list of things I want in the v1.0 release, but adding the new XML reader/writer was most of the work. It now also supports using yt-dlp.