I’m playing: Fallout 4 – Glorious Battle

I’m milling about Sanctuary, counting companions, because I’ve misplaced Piper. Somewhere from the white noise of the settlers’ babbling, the information that The Castle is being attacked percolates onto my screen as a note. I’m lucky to notice this because, like too many notes of the same kind, it’s only there for three seconds and then lost forever.

The bell has gathered the residents of Sanctuary into such an impressive gathering that I feel a little guilty for having nothing important to say. I’ve simply mislaid my lover again. I’m in no mood to hear Paladin Danse having a boner every time I do an impact landing, so Strong and I sprint over to the Red Rocket, where I store my power armour. All I’m missing now to have a complete set of X-01 armour is a right leg, and I’d never used it before. So while it was risking overkill, this seemed like a good opportunity to test it. I get into the X-01. “Human look like robot,” Strong ruminates. It’s satisfying turning on the eye lights.

Since the “Battle of Bunker Hill” I’ve been concerned that the final battles of the game might turn out similarly, with me allied to 2 of the 3 factions taking part, and thereby not having much to do, except looting in the net of laser fire that surrounded me. Without going into details for spoiler reasons, I can say that I’m glad I brought my new suit. Though you may be strong and fast enough to do this battle with some metal armour and stimpacks, the weapons fire will be such that you won’t be able to hear your heartbeat signalling low health.

All in all, the defence of The Castle was glorious, and I now have another reason I’m glad that I pissed off the Institute. They make a wonderful enemy.

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