And then this

I’m so tired right now it feels like I’m high, but I got this bastard released in 2017!

Yessir, Hidden Plains is live on windows, and the linux version is uploading. I kind of hit the jackpot with that name, because it’s not very popular on search engines at all. There’s a street in the US named that, and that’s it.

I will make a point to be a better blogger in the new year. I have some chronicles I can share with ye of my travels in a few modern AAA games. I probably still won’t want to share too much about projects in progress, but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll start blogging about politics and give everyone what they want.

For now, enjoy this game. (ENJOY IT!!!)

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3 Comments on "And then this"

  1. tma says:

    at long long last..
    will be playing this over the next few days for sure

    a huge congrats on getting it made, will post a review when I am done

  2. Lyndon says:

    I cannot get past the first screen! No hotspots, avatar only moves east-west, cursor never changes and nothing but the AI to interact with. Although when I clicked on nothing at the western horizon it said “too far to go on foot”.

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