New ship for the MAGS game

I managed to release Racist, having cut a bunch of stuff I wanted to do. The game is playable enough, and it gets the idea across, but this was not the intended game. As it turns out though, we got a 4 day extension, so I will be adding as much as I can, including hopefully, the combat this game is supposed to have. For day one I took the time to model a ship, as the one in the released game was a placeholder. I spent more time on this than I planned, but this will totally work for the game.

I would never suspiciously and artificially light a model in space which is far away from a star, so the ship is self-lit and this is how it will look in the game:

For some weird reason, when I started modeling this ship, it resembled a Colonial Viper.

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  1. Francesco says:

    Having great fun playing this, can’t wait for the extended version!

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