The deadline has closed and Racist, MAGS Edition, is being harshly judged as we speak. I did manage to add the new ship(s), animation, boost function and combat to the game, but had no time to balance it or add any music or sound effects. I’ve also found two bugs.

I want to make this game complete at some point, but I have too many other things to do first. It would be great to have the time to add dune buggies to the full version, as an alternate game mode.

Besides drawing the two excellent characters for this, the author of the CherrySock [NSFW] games also sent this draft for the mechanic. She would have been included, along with ship modifications, had my naive dreams of productivity and plentiful features come true.

I imagined her less obviously pretty, and like any good project director I assumed that the artist could see the image in my mind, but once I saw this rendering I knew I would have no problems using the character as is.

At the start of all this, I wanted to do a 3D game in AGS, or at least a faked one. The intention was to do an FPS, but I didn’t think AGS could handle the polys to draw the terrain. This is a problem that I have since solved, I think. I also didn’t want to deal with sight lines and all the other stuff that comes with walls. At first I started out with a 320×180 game, but once I started adding objects it was clear that AGS could handle the 4x res increase required to double the width and height.

I would like to fake more 3D games in AGS like this in future. The new version has OpenGL support, haven’t even checked what that can do yet.

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