Racist nominated for Best Game Ever Award

That may or may not be a slight exaggeration.

With the conclusion of the nomination phase of the AGS Awards for 2018, my monthly AGS game jam entry, Racist, has been nominated in two categories, being Best Non-Adventure Game, and Best Programming. I am super proud of this. Voting will start next weekend, and the competition will be tough. In the Best Programming category for instance, the competitors are two commercial games by industry veterans. Racist should win of course–the code in that game might cause unprepared minds to blow–but to be honest, I am perfectly happy with just a nomination.

I’m strongly considering finishing Racist. After release I had the thought of adding a dune buggy stage as an alternate game mode, and my interest in things with wheels has only grown since then.

Meanwhile I have been cracking away at the new game. Technically I could say that and it’s true, because I have been sidetracked for months, trying to improve a small portion of it. It’s not much of a reach to say that I have become obsessed with perfecting this skin shader.

There have been several days of tweaks and renders since that version, (!!!) but not so many that you would notice it without looking closely. I hope to get back to working on the game itself soon, if I can stop making changes to the story.

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3 Comments on "Racist nominated for Best Game Ever Award"

  1. Creamy says:

    Lovely lady. Do you plan to animate her?

    • Jack says:

      She was in Heroes of Wyrdale.

      She actually comes from another MAGS game that was cancelled, and is supposed to be a main character in another game I’ve stopped working on for the time being.

      I might get back to it though after I finish my current game.

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