The deadline has closed and Racist, MAGS Edition, is being harshly judged as we speak. I did manage to add the new ship(s), animation, boost function and combat to the game, but had no time to balance it or add any music or sound effects. I’ve also found two bugs.

I want to make this game complete at some point, but I have too many other things to do first. It would be great to have the time to add dune buggies to the full version, as an alternate game mode.


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New ship for the MAGS game

I managed to release Racist, having cut a bunch of stuff I wanted to do. The game is playable enough, and it gets the idea across, but this was not the intended game. As it turns out though, we got a 4 day extension, so I will be adding as much as I can, including hopefully, the combat this game is supposed to have. For day one I took the time to model a ship, as the one in the released game was a placeholder. I spent more time on this than I planned, but this will totally work for the game.


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Hidden Plains Trailer

Okay, this is only about 13 days late, but I had to take a break after the release of Hidden Plains. By taking a break of course I mean starting work on a new game pretty much immediately and getting all wrapped up in the fun of a new project. This one is for the Monthly AGS game jam (MAGS), which means it has to be done by the end of the month. I will post some images before it’s done. For now, enjoy this trailer.

And yes, I totally still love Blender.

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And then this

I’m so tired right now it feels like I’m high, but I got this bastard released in 2017!

Yessir, Hidden Plains is live on windows, and the linux version is uploading. I kind of hit the jackpot with that name, because it’s not very popular on search engines at all. There’s a street in the US named that, and that’s it.

I will make a point to be a better blogger in the new year. I have some chronicles I can share with ye of my travels in a few modern AAA games. I probably still won’t want to share too much about projects in progress, but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll start blogging about politics and give everyone what they want.

For now, enjoy this game. (ENJOY IT!!!)

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Just some junk

I’ve been stuck on character art for my new game for months, and after finally just doing it myself, I now have some really good game dev momentum going. I really hate to talk about stuff I’m still working on, but since I’ve been so lazy, both in the dev and blogging departments, I’ll post a screenshot from the unfinished game:

It’s an adventure game hybrid, set in the same universe as my previous game. Now that I’ve cleared a major hurdle in development, I’ve been making the few remaining game assets in blender. The shot above is one of a few scenes of debris that will be encountered in the game. You basically collect spare parts from these. (more…)

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Nothing. The iconic opening title and scrawl is conspicuously missing from the start of Rogue One, and this is the first of many reasons why “Star Wars” was not the start of the film’s title, but was tacked on to the end. What’s remarkable about this is how many artefacts and persons from the Star Wars universe can pervade the setting, without it feeling like a Star Wars film. The feeling that I did get from the first two thirds of the film is one of wasted potential.

It would be fine for this film to stand on its own in this way if the screen writing were not a complete mess. It tries to do too much in terms of characters for the time available in a single film, and ends up feeling hollow in this regard, because practically none of them are developed by the end of it. The only character which is really developed in any way is the lead, who starts out with an arc that could have been very well utilised, but then switches suddenly into hero mode.

All that said, this film is far better than The Force Awakens, which in itself does not say much because TFA was ridiculous. Unlike its predecessor, this leverages nostalgia very well, at least in the closing stages. When certain ships jump onto the screen near the end, it abruptly begins to feel like a Star Wars film, but only by association, since it’s a very familiar scene to fans. It maintains this energy all the way to the final scene, which is guaranteed to leave most fans with a high.

The cinematography, again, was spot-on. Like TFA it very much manages to capture the look of Star Wars, this time even going so far as to emulate the look of film stock from the late seventies. It’s just sad that with all the resources and talent available, a writer could not be found to capture the soul of this now-struggling franchise.

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