youtube-dl front-end

Linux .tar.gz (1 MB)
youtube-dl is an excellent little cross-platform command-line utility to download media from sites like youtube, vimeo, BitChute, etc.

This is a front-end for youtube-dl, that adds a few features like history and download folders.
Windows .zip (1 MB)



v0.6.2 – 30 March 2022:

  • Fix high CPU usage issue on Linux
  • A couple of small fixes

v0.6.1 – 22 September 2021:

  • Small fixes, mostly to history list
  • New icon

v0.6 – 20 September 2021:

  • Added quick filter for history list
  • Added small options screen
  • Added default option to limit displayed history items to 50
  • Other small fixes and features

v0.5.1 – 5 September 2021:

  • Added playlist support – spotted by qptain Nemo
  • Sorting for folder list
  • Better handling of partly downloaded files for move, delete, etc.
  • Added command to remove missing files from history list

v0.5 – 1 September 2021:

Initial release.

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